Sparkly Butterfly Stud Earrings * Benefit Brow Microfilling Pen Vs Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen Review – Which One Won?

You know when your nerves are getting the best of you and you’re afraid of yeah you know there’s a lot of fears especially with brows because it’s like it’s almost like Mixed Chain Necklace.A frame of your face like brows are a big deal when your browser not up to par like it seems like it ruins everything right like makeup doesn’t look as good bare face Mixed Chain Necklace, don’t look as good it just will throw it off, if it’s not good, I’m excited I’m anxious I’m nervous, so yeah I’m gonna get inside and.Get this done, za za to okay so check it out, so she ended up cutting my real bro, just so that she can get the schroeck’s in there, because I have really long brow hairs and quite thick, but the only thing I’m thinking about right now is I don’t ever shave my brows and I think.What, she did I think she shaved my brows in the front a little bit and brought them up I usually just tweezer like right here in this region, it’s not crazy thick, I’m looking forward to seeing how it heals I did wash my face, already I made sure not to get my brows wet tomorrow is gonna get darker she says, and then it’s gonna it’s a whole process I have the paper and everything the healing process should take up to ten days I believe if I’m.Not mistaken.It’s the morning after, and they are still swollen not as swollen I’m just gonna wash my face, but I wanted to show you guys how I wash my face I always rotate my skincare products but this crave a cleanser, it’s macho hamp hydrated cleanser, I’m gonna use this because I just feel like my skin just doesn’t need I don’t want any type of like irritation or anything it doesn’t change like your ph or something called a measure okay because I’ve used it before it’s in any oxidant cleanser that doesn’t mess up your skin barrier lifting everything your skin doesn’t want while leaving what it needs healthy ph hydration antioxidants and no irritation, so this is why I’m using this because it’s like in extremely clean, clean brown, obviously you can’t get the brows wet, so I’m gonna start off by.Sweating, my hands getting a little bit of that closer in my hand I always try to like create a little lather in my grin on my face, just gently on the forehead, and that’s like all I’m gonna do for right now. HMM.Can.No toning, my skin.Yeah I’m just gonna run through the rest of my skin routine for the interested not I’ll link down below in the description, my skincare playlist.See usually when I do my eye.Serum’s or creams I always like take it up to the proud but I’m not even gonna do that.I’m just gonna tell you now last night, my brows, they were burrowing like really bad like it just felt it was like an annoying burn like I just had a bunch of like scrapes on my brows I didn’t take anything for it I don’t like taking painkillers and stuff like that I just like dealt with it and went to bed sleeping on my back was like not a problem at all, like I mean that wasn’t like a biggie.I’m not a big tosser and Turner at night, so I was able to do that easily I just wanted to show you guys in like natural light, what they’re looking like so yeah they’re really dark I don’t think they’re scary dark to the point where like it’s weird if I’m out in public but of course it’s all in the background, toddlers boys right, yeah, you can see that my brows are still.Swollen. A couple of things that will happen, today, I’m gonna wear a visor papa, get up here with me I have to wear a hat today because I have to make sure the sun doesn’t hit my eyebrows.You want to come look at the camera.Your job.I haven’t washed my face yet so that’s why I’m really oily, but I do see.That they like scab in over.And yeah they’re they’re really dark.Really dark.I have to wash my hair, today I have to do that in the tub, what I’m gonna do is I’m just getting tight and I like leave my hair back and do all my washing that way, because the brows can’t get wet, no more pain or discomfort, they do still feel tight but not as tight as yesterday, one thing bugging me is that they seem so oily so greasy and I feel like it’s making my eyelid grazie.Um, so I keep having to take a cotton swab and like swiping my eyelids.Okay okay so it’s saturday the brows are really oily right now because I do have appointment on my brows, the instructions say you have to keep the appointment on there I don’t I’m not the expert I don’t know why I’m just following the instructions, the after care paper said that today on like around day three day four I would begin experiencing crazy aging but don’t worry about it I have a slight itching sensation but it’s not like crazy or anything like that I haven’t had any type of peeling or flaking off happened just yet but I’m sure.That’s coming soon, since I’m feeling a little bit of a little a little bit of an edge got locked out of my hands right now it’s the weekend so.What better than to look at my brows. The microscope, they are grazie and actually.I feel I feel like I was like feeling like I can feel my actual brow hairs lifting because the skies are coming off look at that, that’s a piece of light.It’s monday evening and the brows are definitely peeling because I see that flay great side isn’t I mean it’s peeling, but I have run out of my the after care that I was supposed to put on my eyebrows, so I did a little bit of research last night and came across a blog that was super informative and actually talked about not putting anything on your brows at all like none of the ointments or anything and just dry healing and allowing the brow to do what it naturally wants to do which is appeal because when you put on an ointment, it kind of prevents the skin that’s trying to pull off it kind of prevents it from actually flagging off, so I haven’t been putting anything else on my eyes on my brows and I’m letting it do its spin not peeling it with my hands.Or anything, just let it naturally fall off where it wants to fall off, hopefully not in any of the meals that I’ve eaten on the care sheet that I received a it says that my brows will begin to.Peel or Skype in peel like on day four or five but I did some research and actually shows that the brows will begin to peel on more so around day seven day eight, um, and that’s pretty much what I’m seeing because I wasn’t really I wasn’t getting this yesterday, like all of this action right here I wasn’t getting yesterday, tomorrow’s day seven and this is what we’re getting so day seven eight the information says that the the.Peeling will start to happen and um when it pills it should look a little bit lighter you like it’ll even look like the pigment is now on your skin says that it’ll darken up another website said that total healing time can be up to six weeks it’s day seven and I’m a hundred percent over my brows looking like crap, it looks like nothing is there but she told me that I can expect that she said that when the scabs come off.I’m gonna be like W T F, where did my bra go she said don’t worry that the pigment is going to.Set in so.It looks like there’s like no hair right there at all.A she told me to send her picture at day ten and I hope they are picture worthy.By day ten.Fingers crossed. It’s wednesday day eight.And.HMM.Update on my eyebrows, it’s still wednesday describe what you were seeing they’re no longer there because I panicked I didn’t peel them off they were already basically detached from my skin like they weren’t even on my skin, they were just like chilling in my hairs but it’s like my oils kept them on my hairs, rinse my brows gently because I did some research because I do have.It’s been really hot and it’s actually humid so my face has just been sweaty even though I’ve basically banning the house I was outside for just a little bit and my face was just sweating like a bunch of gunk, so picture washing your entire face, but you can’t wash your eyebrows for a whole week I was even noticing like a whole bunch of buildup like just happening around here like not just to browse just this whole region, it would seem to get that infected feeling, and I compare it to the way that my scout fills when it needs to be washed so, um, back in the day I used to have a really problematic scalp and I used to get these crazy like flakes, it would almost feel like pus, that’s what was happening right here, so on my coat up my brows are just like screaming to get cleansed, so I did some research and I actually saw that some people.Washed their browse through the whole healing process, they never stopped washing their brows, in fact on that first day, some washed their brows every hour on that first day because I still have scabs right there because when I wash them I did I pat dry I pat them dry and then I saw the scales just chilling in my brows, so I took this bully that that she provided me I gently. Spoiled up, gently I didn’t even like dig deep or let go like that I gently spoiled up all that stuff just came right off however a good portion of my actual eyebrows, hairs like I saw it in the um in the sky I didn’t pull hard or anything, um, and I actually text, her earlier today because I was concerned because when I looked in the mirror I can see like the white bulbs and I’m like are my real brows.Coming out from the root like I know we shared brown here, so maybe it’s just shedding and I’m able to see the white bulbs because they’re just the hairs are just stuck in these scabs over these paths.Few days, I’ve had some worry in my heart, like I know I knew to expect things to get ugly I’m new to expect that when the when the scabs come off that it would be like whitish and it will look like it didn’t take ‘em.Which I still feel like that worry like d is with all of this just like a waste I believe she’s used to doing brows on people that don’t really have that much hair, and I already had quite a bit of hair, so the instructions that I got were almost like irrelevant because.Like yeah these caps are hanging on like they’re like deep in here like these joints, gotta be cool, oh my god tonight, what I’m gonna do is because my brows just look like crap when she did them, she used a razor I usually don’t ever razor my brows down here, just I just kind of like clean up right here with a razor a those really fine hairs I always tweet now because it was razor the hairs are growing and it’s super blonde and it looks so crazy, so what I’m gonna do is go ahead and wash my face for the night and then I’m gonna just clean up this area so that I’m not looking. Too crazy I don’t believe that tweeting would affect any of this up here because I’m not even gonna be touching that area, I’m just gonna clean up these little straggling hairs, I’ll see you tomorrow.These are the brows on day ten.My face was freshly washed I did wash my brothers well in one direction all the scabs are gone gone..Today is saturday, which is day eleven there are no scabs at all on my brows there aren’t any defiant brow strokes, it humbles just looks like like tinted brow.I don’t know what’s going on right here what I’ve been experiencing a lot of is like my real brows shedding and I don’t know if this is normal, this is the thing about micro blading, it’s hard to come by information that’s just like plain and simple plain insight I had went so long without cleaning my brows by by the time I think it was like a couple of nights ago that I felt like I was getting like the bubonic plague like I feel like I had that, like full blown, it wasn’t comfortable, it was like, I hope I did the right thing I feel like I did the right thing because as soon as I cleanse my brows.I didn’t have that feeling anymore.So I feel like I did the right thing I think I followed my body I I don’t know what would have happened if I had not cleaned my brows and I’m sorry but my skin help is.I don’t think it looks terrible, I’m gonna send her a picture, today I know I should have sent it on day ten I was swamped but I’ll send it today and hopefully we can make it better on my touch up I lost a whole bunch of hair from his eyebrow I don’t know if you can tell, but like there was a lot of there was like like if you go if you go like this, there was like the hill is just coming off that also kind of freaked me out, cause it’s tuesday july thirtieth and it is day fourteen it’s been two weeks now since I had my eyebrows micro bladed as you guys can see through the process.It’s been a rocky when I look at my brows and I can see that they still they’re not hundred percent what I was expecting I don’t think they look terrible but they’re not a hundred percent what I was expecting I think it ended up looking more like brough ten according to my research because most of the stuff that I know about the browser’s just for me looking up online my forms only told me so much, and when you go into places or look at micro blading size, they only tell you so much, it’s like you gotta grab information and. Believe what you want ono I’m not mad at the browser, the browser fine I honestly I do like how they look from afar, they look really nice and shapely and defined but a close baby girl, they just look like your flower brown I do have to go in for a follow-up appointment a to go in and do the strokes more or to you know, adjust the shape, um I do like the shape though, but I do know that I want to so because my brows are growing back where she had shaved I want that micro blading to start more so down there because the colors up there I want to start right there and this was like cut when she did it, but yeah we we don’t need that color to come down right, right here.For sure, and then I know we’re gonna need to go in right there.Right there.We just got some tweaking to do and I’m not much of a stickler I do feel like she did a good job because brows looked amazing when I got back home from my appointment I just think things went funky when I got home and the care instructions only told me so much, I feel like the after care is where you almost need more of a pamphlet and not just one sheet and it needs to tell you like hey do this, if you have only skin, do this, if you have dry skin don’t mow the paper did say not to use certain things at all but.I definitely feel like we we needed more.It needs to be more of a pamphlet when it comes to the after care and especially because after care is the biggest step like okay, the micro blade artist has done his or her job now when you get home I think that’s even more important to the overall way that your brows will look so I think bar, this is my fault I do know though that the colors the strokes were not down there because all of that was shaped like part of my hair shaved I explained that in the beginning, but I I never shave or pluck a tweezer anything I’d never remove hairs from the front of my brow, so I would like for those jokes to come down I’m gonna answer the questions I asked you guys on Instagram to leave me some questions about micro blading and you guys did just that a lot of the questions god. Got some good questions, a lot of the questions on here are repeated questions like ask multiple times so I’m just gonna go through some of it, excuse me if I butcher your name modo’s as what made you get this process, your natural eyebrows look fine, just wondering, um I just wanted to try it I really don’t have complaints about my natural brows like I said the beginning of this video, my natural brows are quite big and I I really love my natural brows, but if I could wake up to like more of like a bushy brow like a thickening I I love thick brows, that’s that, so if I could have made if I could make my brows darker.Oh, that jazz.And that would just make my day so that’s why I wanted to do it I know my natural brows, look fine but it’s it’s just preference, I love big brows, India for real, ask what is the cost of what made me do what I answered that way, um, the cost of it will vary and I don’t want to necessarily put out costs but I’ve seen people charge you grow anywhere from like 200, dollars up to a thousand dollars A I did not pay a thousand dollars for these brows I paid under 500, for my brows, I’m.Um, it’ll depend on I’d say it may depend on the demand and how much the artist feels they’re worth how book that artist is if a person is like extremely booked, you may see their prices jump up a little bit more simply a rewritten AI got that right I know I got that right, simply a rerun a as I’ve always admired your browser, I’m wondering how why did you decide to do it, how, how did I decide to do.I think yep that was the answer to.Do they fill in scars, scars, brows, eyes in arms and three legs, yes they do fill in they listen this is a really great procedure to have a especially if you don’t have any any brows at all or they’re really really thin, this is perfect for you.Is it permanent, this typically, um from my research has said that for some people it only lasted six months and on others it could last three years so I’d say anywhere from six months to three years, this is a procedure that will need maintenance is actually suggested that you continue to maintain it so that you don’t lose your shape and have to do so much experience that crazy a healing process with completely scattered brows like I just did k money lo asks what are the side effects just za Ning as explained earlier on in this video a like right after the procedure and the itching that comes along when you scatter meg Chinese us on a scale of one to ten how painful so I’m gonna have to give this a good seven gonorrhea seven and not the micro blading itself, but she.I don’t know what tool what device she used, but she pricked my brows, um, with this tool, she went over them, and then she put the numbing cream in there and I guess the pricking saw the numbing cream could seek into the area and really do like thoroughly numb, the brows when I watched other microwaving videos I just saw people putting creams on the brows and the client didn’t feel.Dooley’s wash, so I wish and I hope that the next time I go there that we don’t have to do that fricking crap cuz that was terrible, it was terrible I had to give it a seven. Were you recommended to do this place, did you take a leap of faith I actually took a leap of faith because I saw that someone that I knew that I know and I really trust her in her um, her input and the way that she does things I really trust what she does, beauty wise and hair, why I trust it, and I’ve had my hair done by her in the past and she’s great, so that’s why I’m like I saw that she got certified to do micro blading on my girl, let me come through, I want to support you, and that’s why I did so.I took a leap of faith though and I have used vine, ask question, thanks for asking a young and natural wants to know what is the wait time for healing is a long process, how long does it last I I already answered, how long it lasts the wait time for healing I believe they say that browse like your color really isn’t set in until like the sixth week or so, or maybe it’s the sixth month.Daphne layton asked how long does it take a it actually took about two and a half hours I think or was it three and a half hours I know I mentioned it earlier on in this video on one of the other days but it was not a short process at all, it took sometime I feel like maybe I think I fell asleep for about ten minutes, was it like getting a tattoo I wouldn’t say that it was like getting a tattoo getting your brows micro bladed it doesn’t go as deep as a tattoo would go into your skin, it literally just makes a little scrape on the top layer of your skin and a and go through that way, it’s not actually penetrating deep down underneath like a tattoo would and regina Marina asked that and yeah that’s about all the other questions are pretty repetitive, so I hope that I kind of hope that you found this video may be helpful.Yeah I definitely feel like my brows need some organs, I’m like looking out the window I got a delivery guy coming through.Oh my Amazon packages here.Yeah I’ve been waiting for so yeah I hope this video gives you insight on what micro blading is I feel like this video will make people be like hell, now I’m not doing it, but I got I have really high hopes I think that we gonna we gonna really make a fleet when I go back I I feel like I’m really gonna make a fleet especially since I kind of know what to expect and I think that we are a she and I will like talk about exactly what I need to do to care for these bad boys because I kind of went home like like. Okay, following this paper, but.Yeah soho, definitely console I think, um, I’m pretty confident that when I do my follow-up appointment a we gonna really lead them out and I’m definitely gonna follow up with you guys in another video after that appointment but it won’t be like a day-by-day healing because I’m pretty sure that the healing will be similar to this but it will more so be like boo look it I got my brows done and there.Hopefully on flake, thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video, please give me a like hit that button, you know if you haven’t done that already I hope you already did that long ago when I asked you.